Moving in

The purpose of this page is to describe what the process is from after an application has been submitted to you receiving keys for your apartment.
  1. You and your co-tenant(s) submit applications and all supporting documents and fees. 
  2. We will process your application within 3 business days.
  3. If you are approved, we then work on completing the “Approval Worksheet” which is below. 
  4. The process of completing the “Approval Worksheet” is as follows:
    • We will confirm the amount of the security deposit which must be paid in the form of a money order or cashier’s check. Payment in the form of a personal check will not be accepted. 
    • We will then determine when the security deposit must be paid. If the security deposit is not paid by this date the apartment may be offered to another applicant. Before mailing a security deposit take a picture of it and email it to 
    • An agreement will be made as to which specific unit you will be renting. 
    • The price of rent will be reviewed and a date from when the rent will begin to be charged will be determined. This date may be before you move into the apartment if the apartment is ready to be moved into before you are ready to take possession of it. If the date when the rent charge begins is not the first of the month the rent may be pro-rated. Agreement on rent being paid on the first of the month after you have moved in will be made. 
    • The lease end date will be selected. We normally have leases end on the 31st of May or July. 
    • A move in date will be set and the “Condition of Premises Report” will be completed.

For those units that do not include electricity in the rent we make sure you know the phone number for NorthWestern Energy 1-888-467-2669 and what day the electricity is to be in your name. A charge will be assessed if we required to set up your account with NorthWestern Energy after you move in or you do not assume the electricity by the date you move in. Please contact NorthWestern Energy before the day you move into the apartment.

We do require Liability Insurance. You will need to demonstrate that you have purchased renter’s insurance by showing us documentation. We will need to be added to the policy as an “Additional Insured” or “Interested Party”. If you decide not to purchase your own renters’ insurance, then a $9.50 a month charge will be added. This charge begins at move in and covers the unit not your possessions. It will purchase Landlord’s Required Resident Liability insurance. A letter explaining this liability insurance is found below.

We will remind you that we are an Experian RentBureau community which allows your payment of rent to be reported to a credit agency allowing you to build credit. A letter explaining this program is found below.

We will then send you an email confirming the points we have just described. After the security deposit is received, we will send you an email which will allow you to review the lease and accept it with an electronic signature. All future tenants and third-party guarantors are required to sign the lease. You will then have access to the Tenant Portal which will allow you to pay rent online with an echeck at no additional cost. Be sure to check your spam folder for these items.

5. You may review a sample lease, lead disclosure and mold disclosure shown below.

As indicated by the Lead Disclosure document an inspection for lead-based paint was performed at Greentree Apartments. The following are documents that demonstrate that lead-based paint was found on the exterior of a few buildings and that there is lead-based glaze present on some tile. The leadbased glaze does not pose a health problem until it is made into dust.

Move in day
On the agreed upon date we will meet with you at the office to collect the rent and insurance charge (if you do not provide proof of renter’s insurance) unless those have already been paid online. A review of the lease will be offered. Government required supporting documents will be reviewed or signed at this time. These documents include “Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home”, “Lead-Based Paint and Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure”, and “Tenant Intention at end of Lease”. We will then review the Condition of Premises report with you in the apartment where we will agree upon and document the cleanliness of the apartment and presence of any damage. You will then receive your keys top your apartment and we welcome you as a new resident of our community.

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