Renters insurance

Renter’s Insurance Required

Applicants who are approved will need to provide proof of liability insurance for the apartment. There are two ways to fulfill this requirement:

1. Purchase renter’s insurance. Renters insurance can be purchased from the same company that
insures your vehicle.
2. Purchase Landlord’s Required Resident Liability Insurance (LRRLI).

All prospective tenants for an apartment must either:

1. Be on one general insurance policy that covers everyone or,
2. Have separate individual policies.

Renters Insurance covers your belongings and must provide $100,000 of liability coverage to the apartment complex.

Landlord’s Required Resident Liability Insurance can be purchased for only $9.50 a month from the landlord to cover the apartment. This insurance will cover all tenant’s liability for the apartment. It does not cover your belongings. If all tenants do not provide proof of renter’s insurance, then you will be automatically enrolled in the Landlord’s Required Resident Liability Insurance.


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